How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

wedding photography

Unfortunately, getting married is one of those occasions where you gain the experience you need, right after the event is over. For this reason, reading articles like this can really save you some trouble down the road.

One of the major decisions you have to make when getting married is to find and select the right wedding photographer. I live in Atlanta and I can tell you that there are plenty of Atlanta wedding photographers to choose from, which makes the decision that much more difficult. I’m sure there are also plenty of photographers in your area to choose from as well.

Let me give you a few tips to help you choose the best wedding photographer for you. These are things you can do before you decide who to hire.

Call Them On The Phone

The first thing I would do is call all your potential wedding photographers and conduct a short “phone interview”. You’ll want to ask some basic questions over the phone to quickly narrow down your choices. Some of these questions include when they are available, how much they charge, what their website is, and if they have any referrals for you to contact.

Another simple benefit of doing quick over-the-phone interviews is that you are able to get a feel for the type of personality the photographer has. The photographer’s personality will play an important role for determining how well they can work with people.

Research Them Online

Once you have your list of potential wedding photographers, and have made notes about each one from your phone interviews, you can then go online and view their website and do a little research about each one.

Their website should include sample photos of their previous work. Seeing their portfolio will quickly show you what kind of style they have. Another important piece of information you can gather from their website is how established and professional they are; whether or not they have an office, with the address listed on their site, and a business phone number, etc.

An additional tip would be to search that photographer’s name in Google and see what comes up. If you get a bunch of complaints, that’s probably something to consider.

Call Their Referrals

The next thing to do is to call each of the referrals the photographers gave you and ask them about their experience with them. You could ask questions like, “how satisfied were you with the work so and so did?” Or, “how professional was so and so in the way they interacted with you and your party?”

Asking questions like this, and listening to the responses, will help you understand which photographer can best suite your needs. Speaking with other people, who have used that wedding photographer in the past, is one of the best ways to narrow down your choices.

By following these simple guidelines, you can quickly narrow down the best choice for your wedding photographer. Remember, this experience only comes once, for most people, and you want to get this part right because this is how you will remember it.