Save the Date Cards Keep Your Guests In the Loop

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Credit: 钻石友

Save the Date Cards are a recent trend which has become chic because of the popularity of destination weddings. It seems that a simple invitation card wouldn’t be enough for such instances, as a destination wedding entails a lot of preparation, both for the couple and the guests.

This shouldn’t mean that Save the Date cards are restricted only to such events; even if you are having your wedding in your backyard, sending out Save the Date cards informs the guest about the details of your wedding which the cramped space of an invitation card wouldn’t allow you to provide.

Save the Date cards announces to your guests that you plan to have your wedding at a specified date, so that they can make arrangements in order to keep their schedules free on your big day.

This is important if your guests live overseas or across the state, and would have to go out of their way to attend your wedding; sending out such cards is also advantageous if your wedding day coincides with a holiday, or if the wedding is held at a busy tourist destination, where flight schedules and accommodation reservations are hectic and must be booked in advance.

Save the Date cards are usually sent six months before the wedding, but for weddings which require a lot of preparation, such as destination weddings, it is best to send them at least a year in advance. This provides your guests with enough time to make space for the event, and even to include your wedding as a part of their vacation.

Save the Date cards are less formal than wedding invites, so you can pretty much do what you want. Just make sure you include the basics: your names, an exact description of the location of the wedding (include the city and the town address), and the scheduled date for the wedding.

Since Save the Date Cards are a relatively new concept and many mistake it for the wedding invite itself, be sure to include an ‘invitation to follow’ postscript at the bottom of the card. If you intend to have a wedding with fewer guests, come up with a list of people whom you can’t do without on your wedding day, and make sure you send them a copy.

Take note that you are not required to send Save the Date cards to all the guests you plan to invite, but proper etiquette states that those who receive a Save the Date card should receive a wedding invitation as well.

Save the Date cards are more informative than formal, so a detailed information which can aid them in making the travel to the venue hassle-free would be most welcome. You can provide an airline itinerary, recommend car rental services, and offer help with booking hotel reservations.

Keep them in the loop with the festivities or events which coincide with your wedding so that your guests will have a more memorable time with their vacation. You can even offer to apply for group discounts, so those who are traveling as a family can take advantage of the privilege. Let your guests prepare for your special day so that they would get the most out of it, probably even as much as you do.