Wedding Flowers – The Perfect Matrimony, With Spring Blooms

wedding flowers

It seems easy to choose flowers to go with your wedding motif if you plan to have it in the spring time. But, as is always the case with important events (and nothing can be more important for you than your own wedding day), enough preparation will go a long way in preventing your wedding from becoming the ideal union you dreamed of, because the exquisite lilies you ordered for in bulk does not arrive, as they were not currently in season at the time of your wedding.

Make sure you contact your florist way ahead in advance in order to avoid any mix-up. If by chance you are still undecided as to which flowers to go for in your big day, the following suggestions may just give you the spark of enlightenment you were hoping for.

There are numerous flower varieties to choose from in spring, and if you’re thinking of medium-size bouquets and high centerpieces, the amaryllis is the ideal flower to go with. These are large and loud trumpet shaped flowers which come in wide color varieties, including white, red and peach. They are also available with striped patterns, and will look glitzy if used as the bouquet focus.

The lily of the valley is probably every bride’s dream flower for lavish use. Exquisitely lovely and very costly, these tiny bell-shaped blooms with white petals are even lovelier because of their sweet scent and lush green foliage. It is perfect for almost anything, but if budget is an issue, they would otherwise be a great addition to intricately-arranged bridal posies, as well as to larger bouquets.

The daffodil is the quintessential spring flower, and is perfect for large arrangements for use as table centerpieces. It comes in a whopping fifty varieties, which range from tiny to huge, and may be yellow or white blooms with single or double petal layers. If you are planning on creating a natural-looking arrangement which is relatively inexpensive, daffodils are the best flowers to go for.

Anemones are similar to lilies in appeal. With more than a hundred varieties to choose from, they offer much for creativity; the purple, red, and vibrant pink varieties are special wedding favorites. Posies in a myriad of colors would look great with these blooms, and even the large varieties would look just lovely on their own.

The peony’s main appeal is in its huge and fragrant blooms. It is a simple flower which can be a subtle addition to a stripped-down bridal bouquet. Its slight color varieties of white, pale peach, and pink would look great in an arrangement of bursting color, whether in spring or winter weddings.

Tulips are a classic favorite since they are available in a staggering wide variety of colors. They also lend a contemporary elegance with a traditional touch. Simple ribbon-bound bouquets would look great with tulips in it, and parrot tulips are especially appropriate for table arrangements.

Headdresses, as well as bouquets and buttonholes would look lovely with an adornment of freesia, a small and intensely scented bloom which is obtainable in vibrant colors. This flower would be especially lovely if included in young bridesmaid’s posies.

The Ranunculus is a perfect addition to simple, single-colored bouquets, as well as for straightforward table centerpieces at the wedding reception venue. This bloom which has a striking resemblance to the buttercup can be obtained in many colors, and is a runaway hit for most brides.